Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Update

Well, its been another 2 months since I've posted. Still nothing all that ground breaking to report. Well, maybe more than last time...

Since I've posted last, we've had some major changes in our insurance. We went from having very little coverage for Brody, to being told it was going to cost OUTRAGEOUS amounts in premiums to cover him, to now having great coverage for him. So we'll see if that holds true once we start making claims. But as of now, we seem to have a great setup for him and his expenses. That being said, we are holding off on any more fundraisers, garage sales, etc. We have a nice little cushion in his medical account in case anything comes up unexpected that the insurance won't cover. We've also converted the etsy shop to a personal shop instead of using it to raise money for him. At this time, we don't feel it would be right to keep raising money for his expenses when we are under the impression from his insurance company that they are going to take care of everything. This all may change in the coming months/year, but until then..all we can say is THANK YOU to all who have supported, donated, etc. We are beyond amazed at how the Lord has provided.

In other news, Brody is still not attending physical therapy. The new insurance just took effect this month and we haven't checked on getting him in at the rehab center. As far as we know, they still don't have a full time therapist for him. However, we do more productive exercise at home than I ever saw him do at therapy, and more times per week, so I think he's probably getting all he needs right now. I may have mentioned in the last post that he has an extensive program that his former therapist laid out for us that we do a few times per week. And he feels like he's getting to play with Dad instead of doing "therapy" so its a win-win for all of us.

As far as progression, I've noticed lately that he's falling a lot more. His ankles just seem to give out from under him. He can be standing still and just fall for what looks like no reason. So walking, running, etc definitely make it worse. He usually hops up and says he's ok..but there have been times more recently that I'll notice him grab his ankle and wince. Or even tell us he feels like he twisted his ankle. So far he hasn't sprained it or done anything serious. I know this is all part of it. I knew one day we might start seeing more of this. But it still breaks my heart every time. He still never asks us why he falls more than other kids. Or why he has to wear the braces and other kids don't. I'm not looking forward to the day he does...

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