Thursday, October 20, 2011

Comes with the Territory

Its kinda funny to me that the first week we have this blog going for Brody, he has his first real CMT related injury. One of the major issues CMT patients deal with is falling down for what appears to be no reason. To others, it looks as if they just trip over air. Brody does this constantly throughout the day and usually just pops back up and says "I'm ok." The reason is that they have "foot drop" and their feet point down towards the ground. So they have to work harder to take steps to keep their toes from getting caught on the ground and causing them to trip.

Well, today, he was not ok. The poor guy fell while walking, but he went a little more "head first" than usual. He hit his head on the corner of a cute little foot stool the boys have in their room to help them climb into their beds. And he hit it hard. He was crying, blood was pouring, and I had a newborn in my hands. I ran for a towel and my cell phone. I don't even know if Matt heard complete sentences on the other end of the phone through the crying of Brody and the baby, as well as me being slightly panicked and probably somewhat over reacting. But I obviously got the message across because he showed up at home soon with a co-worker who was a former paramedic.

We decided that Matt should bring him in to the pediatrician. We didn't want to risk assuming it was no big deal and then it turn out to be worse than we thought. Matt said he was very glad we made that decision. As they cleaned it out he saw how deep it actually was and was afraid had we not gone in, it wouldn't have healed properly.

So now he's all super glued up. No need for stitches, thank goodness! Injuries like these are things that we can't always prevent from happening. We can't follow him around or keep him in a bubble to keep him safe. We just have to teach him to try to be a little more cautious. But more importantly, keeping him in his leg braces and doing his therapy will hopefully help prevent these type of things from happening.

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