Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Welcome to Brody's Walk!! We're so glad you stopped by to learn more about Brody's condition and to see how he is being such a champ through it all. Before I say anything else, I just want to give thanks to the Lord for all he is doing through us during this time. We never imagined we'd have a child with a "special need", and although Brody's disorder is not life threatening, it has still been taking quite an emotional toll on us as we process all the possibilities. But God has already proven himself faithful just in the last week and has given us peace, comfort and support through our friends and family. We know its going to be a hard journey but we fully believe that God has it all in His hands, even when it doesn't appear that way.

So, what's this site about? We'd never considered having a special blog just for Brody. We don't want him to get "special treatment" or to be treated like he's different. He is just like any other child when it comes to mental capability and cognition. His only disability is physical. So although he'll need special attention at times when it comes to accomplishing physical tasks (climbing stairs, getting dressed, etc) he is a normal 3 year boy! So why does he get a special blog??

You can get the longer version of the story on the "Brody's Story" page above, but the quick version is that until last week, we were honestly naive about our son's disorder. We were maybe in denial about the long-term care he'll need. We pushed the possible progression of CMT and how bad it can get out of our minds. And last week we were hit with the cold hard truth from his new doctor at the MDA clinic. We learned of the struggles he could have. Of the emotional roller coaster we'll go on. Of the financial burden this will be. But most importantly, we realized how much we'll have to rely on God. (how sad that I forget that sometimes). We took a couple of days to process and then I started coming up with ideas.

So, reason 1: I realized that there are other parents out there who have children with the same disorder. Some may be in worse condition than Brody. And they may feel alone. Maybe by having this blog set up we can reach out to those parents. Offer them encouragement and hope by sharing Jesus with them.

reason 2: We know that God will provide financially. And yes, if He wanted to, he could drop money out of the sky. But when He says He'll provide, it may mean through using our talents that we have to raise funds. I have a graphic design background and we are working on an etsy shop that will be filled with scripture art for the home, stationery products, etc. Through Matt's industry, we may have opportunities for fundraisers, raffles, etc. So we felt that having a blog would be a great way for those who are purchasing items or participating in fundraisers to be able to learn about the cause that they are donating to. Also, the blog (and facebook page) are great ways to alert the community of fundraisers or events that are taking place.

And the last reason that this blog is separate from our family blog is that we don't want our personal family blog to be made available for the general public to see.

Thanks again for stopping by. Give us a few days to get all the kinks worked out, get all the info pages completed, etc. We hope that you'll bookmark this page, become a follower, etc and stay up to date with Brody's journey, how you can be praying for us and be a part of all the ways God is going to use this experience.

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