Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brody's Walk Garage Sale

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The people in our life are pouring love out on us. I just learned that some dear friends of ours are planning a garage sale for Brody's Walk!! All money raised will be put towards Brody's medical expenses!! It seriously chokes me up when I see the body of Christ coming along side us and loving us so much!

So, that being said...its time to go through your closets, dig under your bed, and clean out your attic!! We are collecting donations so if you have anything you need to get rid of and want to pitch in, it is greatly appreciated!

The garage sale is set for Nov. 19 in College Station. Its somewhat of a quick turnaround, but they wanted to get it done before it got too cold and before the holidays started. If you have anything you'd like to donate, you can contact me at brodyswalk @ gmail . com (ps did you know you are supposed to put spaces in your email  in posts to prevent spammers..I learned that recently) or if you have my personal email you can email me there as well. We will coordinate picking up/dropping off donations.

Please have all donations to us by Wednesday, Nov. 16 so that we have time to price and set up.

For those in the Lumberton area who would like to donate, we are working on a way to get donations here. However, they may need to be brought up next weekend so that only leaves a week. Sorry for the short notice. Please contact me for more information.

Also, feel free to pass this information on to your friends and family who may not know us or know anything about Brody's Walk and spread the word about the sale.

We are so blessed by all of you. We're seeing the Lord provide in ways we never imagined. God is always so faithful.

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