Wednesday, November 30, 2011

They're Here!!

Finally, after weeks of waiting, numerous phone calls made, faxes being sent but never received and then resent, we have the leg braces. We picked them up yesterday. And of course, nothing can ever go smoothly or exactly as planned with us.

A little background, once we found out Brody was going to have braces again, we started pumping him up about getting them. He knew right away that he wanted green..light green to be exact. Well, when we went for the fitting a few weeks back, I forgot to tell them green. So I had to call the following week. They told me they can do colored straps, but the actual brace would be white. So green straps were going to have to suffice. So for weeks we have talked about these cool white and green special shoes that Brody would be getting....

Flash forward to walks the guy with the braces...white braces with BLUE straps. Matt and I looked at each other in panic. And the first words out of Brody's mouth..."I wanted green ones." It was a sweet little whimper, almost like he knew he shouldn't complain, but he really wanted green. We immediately asked the guy about it and apparently there was a miscommunication somewhere. Fortunately, it wasn't a huge deal. We did all the fitting, trying them out, etc and then they could swap the straps out in a couple of hours. I was able to go back later that afternoon to pick up some super cool white braces with GREEN straps.

And here's the best know how we made $1500 at the garage sale? Well....after the insurance paid their part, the braces only cost us $1300!! We were completely shocked! I mean, we shouldn't have been shocked...we should have known God would provide. He is constantly reminding us how BIG He is.

Eventually, he will wear them all day, every day. But to start out, we gradually add more time each day. He wore them about an hour last night. He wore them a little this morning, and I will put them on him again after his nap, before we head to church. Then tomorrow we do the same, just adding more time, and so on, until we work him up to all day, and even night. The brace is spring loaded in the ankle, which puts a constant pull on his foot to hold it up. (to the position that yours and mine is in) Therefore, it makes his little legs sore because of the strain it puts on them. Eventually he'll get used to it and hopefully the muscles will loosen in his tendons and it won't be as hard on him.

We try to really hype them up as "cool shoes, special shoes, etc." We don't want him to feel different or not "normal" because of them. Last night when we were putting them on to head to hope group (our church small group), Carson said "hey, i don't have those cool shoes like Brody." So apparently, now our other child feels left out haha. Who would have thought. But I do think this is going to be the hardest part for me as a mother. He was so young when he wore his first set of braces. Kids didn't notice, and if they did, he didn't understand anything. Now that he is almost 4, he definitely understands if kids make fun of him. It pains me to think of him being rejected or called names because of his leg braces. But this is probably more of a personal, protective mom problem haha. I'm sure Brody will take it in stride. And he has some pretty cool friends..they will probably think the braces are super cool!

Brody wanted to show them off last night.

 So discreet under his jeans.

And more news....we start physical therapy tomorrow!! We go twice a week..Tuesdays and Thursdays!! So excited to get this rolling. I plan to bring my camera so we can share this experience with you as well!

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