Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Immunizations and CMT

Today we've been dealing with possible affects of immunizations on Brody's CMT. He got his four year old immunizations, as well as the flu shot, yesterday. Dr. R told us to expect some soreness and even recommended we cancel today's PT session. When I called the therapist, she agreed. So I expected some soreness today when he got up...what I didn't expect was Brody waking up at 5:30am crying in pain.

He was burning up with fever..almost 103..and screamed if I touched either of his legs. I gave him Motrin and soothed him back to sleep. When he woke up at 7am, the fever had gone down but he could barely walk to the couch..but I made him walk on his own because I knew working the muscles would loosen him up. He ate breakfast and kept complaining of pain. I decided today would be a good "veg" day...it was going to rain anyway. I turned on a movie for the boys and helped Brody get to the couch. About 10am he was shivering and moaning on the couch. I knew his fever had gone back up. It was 103 again. Although I thought this fever was high for immunization side effects, I wasn't completely shocked. When Brody gets a fever, he always gets a bad one. And it always knocks him down hard. What was more odd to me was how extreme the pain in his legs was. The boy is accustomed to leg pain...so for him to be screaming when I barely touched him or him barely moving them to get comfortable on the couch, I knew he had to be in severe pain. After some Tylenol (he couldn't have more Motrin yet) and snuggling up with his blanket and pillow, he fell asleep.

When he woke up, the fever had gone down, as I expected it would. But the pain is still there. He is moving a little bit, but he needs help getting up and to the bathroom. I keep trying to walk him around a little to loosen things up, but I can tell it is really hurting.

I just can't imagine the pain being this bad solely from the immunizations. I'm thinking it has to be the CMT reacting because of the immunizations. I haven't heard of any other four year shots causing children this much pain. So I started researching online..and I can't find anything at all. I'm all for immunizations, but if I had known this would be the outcome, maybe we would have discussed doing them in the arm. I don't think his doctor or I thought it would hurt him as bad as it did.

Fortunately, he doesn't have to get more immunizations until 11 years old. That seems crazy to me. But I'm thankful. In the meantime, I plan to do more research into this. If we discover any of our other children have CMT, we'll know to have a different plan.

If anyone that reads this has ever come across information about this either from a doctor or reliable source, I would love to hear about it! Has your child ever had such a severe reaction?

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